The visual kei band D will be coming up with two new releases on November 20 as they are approaching their 17th anniversary in Spring 2020!  The first one will be a single UNCROWNED KING, the second one is a limited release of a “VAMPIRE STORY” Character Concept Album: “Justice.

The single UNCROWNED KING comes out in two editions. The limited type A release will contain a CD with three songs, and a DVD containing the music video for the titular song UNCROWNED KING, along with a documentary about the music video’s making. The regular edition of the single comes at a slightly lower price and contains a single CD with four songs.

The song UNCROWNED KING doesn’t deviate from the melodious rock genre D is known for, incorporating electronic elements. Like so many of D’s songs, this is also a part of the “vampire story” woven into D’s music since the beginning of their career.  The serious lyrics of the song are loaded with a lot of emotion and determination. Together, all the elements of the song yield a unique result that is, however, still very “D” in spirit. You can really feel the story within this piece of work when listening!

You can already find an audio preview of the single on D’s official YouTube channel. Give it a listen!

2019.11.20 (wed.) Release!! D「UNCROWNED KING」 試聴トレイラー Full ver.公開!!

You can also check out D’s new look in the music video for the song UNCROWNED KING, published on the band’s YouTube channel on the day of Halloween, and the poster for the upcoming release! Standing among ruins, vocalist Asagi shines in the role of the hybrid vampire named Justice!

2019.11.20 (wed) Release!! D「UNCROWNED KING」 MV FULL公開!!

Alongside the single, D will also release a “vampire story” character concept album titled Justice. It comes as one of a series of compilation concept albums the band has been releasing throughout 2019, and is preceded by concept albums Rafaga, Kircheis, Dahlie, Carbuncle, and Wilderness. Each of the albums has been dedicated to one of the characters featured in the “vampire story” featured in D’s songs and music videos. The characters are portrayed by the band members. The newest concept album is dedicated to Justice, a character played by Asagi.

The album Justice contains two discs and compiles 22 of D’s previously released songs chosen from many albums and singles released throughout the band’s career, including UNCROWNED KING from the newest single. All songs compiled in the album feature the character Justice in some way.

D has expressed determination to put their all into their work as their 20th anniversary in 2023 creeps up. Let’s join them on this journey of pursuing this challenge of massive proportion! What will the next three years bring?

How do you like the preview of the new single and the band’s new look? Does the compilation album Justice feature any of your favorite songs? Let us know!

Update 2019-10-31: Music video for Uncrowned King added.

Uncrowned King

Limited edition type A


  2. Antiserum
  3. UNCROWNED KING (Instrumental)


  1. UNCROWNED KING (Music Video)
  2. UNCROWNED KING (Music Video Making)

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Regular edition type B 


  2. Antiserum
  3. Absolute zero
  4. Invisible enemy (Instrumental)

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D “VAMPIRE STORY” Character Concept Album “Justice”


  1. Sleeper
  2. Lapis lazuli ~kimi wo omou hodo boku wa hoshiku naru~
  3. what is Going On with The Human
  4. Graveless
  6. Dangan
  7. Underground road
  8. Hana madoi
  9. Nocturnal
  10. Ibara no kan
  11. Danzai no gunner 


  1. Nightly Knights
  2. Grand Master
  3. In the name of Justice
  4. Toki no koe
  5. Snow White
  6. Next Generation
  7. Revive ~kouhai toshi~
  8. Deadly sin
  9. Antiserum
  10. Follow

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