[Alexandros] released their digital-only single Tsukiiro Horizon way back in July but with its great chart success and reception, by old fans and new, the band has gone on to release a full-length music video for the track.

Based around the fictional bootleg or pirate radio station “Hot 90 Station”, the music video which is directed by Takuto Shimpo, follows a vintage 90s theme as it illustrates a day of a group of young people at the end of the summer. Keeping to originality, the video is even shot in the old television screen ratio from when they were a small box-shaped appliance.

The plotline is reminiscent of the history behind pirate radios which were especially prevalent in the United Kingdom throughout the 1960s–90s as they battled with the authorities for a more diverse broadcast of music with the growing demand of pop and rock music. However, the director also revealed that he made tributes to various films with clues hidden throughout the video. Can you spot any of the tributes? We definitely see some inspiration for the radio presenter character from the 2009 film “The Boat That Rocked”!

Watch as [Alexandros] put on a thrilling performance to commemorate an era which arguably shaped the international music-broadcasting industry that we know today:

Tsukiiro Horizon

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