Last week, [ALEXANDROS] released their latest single Tsukiiro Horizon—which debuted at No.1 on iTunes Japan. As expected from their vocalist Yoohei Kawakami, the song balances effortless transitions from Japanese to English lyrics with an upbeat, pop-driven melody.

[ALEXANDROS] is currently in the midst of a headlining tour in Asia—with shows in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taipei, Malaysia, and Korea. Most of the shows have sold out so far. The band will be returning to Japan briefly on July 14 to play the 10th JOIN ALIVE event at Iwamizawa Park in Hokkaido before heading back out on the road to wrap up their Asia tour.

And that’s not all they have planned! The band will be keeping plenty busy for the rest of the year with performances at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2019, SUMMER SONIC 2019, and more. Check out their website for the full schedule.

Tsukiiro Horizon

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  1. Tsukiiro Horizon

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