When the release of THE GALLO’s new single VITCH was announced, it had us second-guessing its song title that can allude to profane words and where the band’s guaranteed humor was taking us for this release. Now, along with its release on August 28, a full music video was uploaded giving an insight into what the band was really insinuating with the name—and as expected, it’s rather amusing and indeed profane.


Opening up the video is the release’s cover artwork which bears the word “witch”, in the distinctive Walt Disney font, which had us wondering, “Could we be about to enter a villainous fairytale?”—well, it’s definitely not the usual PG Disney rating.

Continuing the theme of witches, the tale plays out in a typical late-night Ginza bar scene as THE GALLO perform a song all about the music video’s witchy protagonist who charms her way into the hearts of her victims as the night unfolds, who in this scenario is the vocalist, Jojo.

By now, the singles title VITCH = Witch becomes apparent. Though I do enjoy the potential humor that comes into play with the Japanese pronunciation of the “v” sound which can lend its self to the “b” sound—where do you think that leads the song title to?

Hey, if I too had a spell cast on me by some unknown woman, I’d also think they’re a B—check out the band’s new look for VITCH.

THE GALLO pose for new artist photos in their VITCH music video costumes



  1. VITCH
  2. Daiteito Kuromiya Sougisha (Kou) (大帝都黒宮葬儀社(甲))
  3. Shinkoku Seishun Aika Yuki (神國青春哀歌・雪)

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