King Gnu releases a music video for their new single Flying Boat (飛行艇) and they want to take you on an encapsulated hero’s journey. Joining in a story not seen before and flying as if the viewer has wings.

King Gnu - 飛行艇

The song starts with a strong bass beat and builds to a catchy melody. A young hero, inspired by watching a concert on TV, grabs the nearest blanket to put on as a cape and pretends to fly. Yet the room where this hero travels is a rounded, stone sanctuary. Gaps between the walls are like doorways where various scenes are played out. Perhaps, approximating to the points in time where this hero will go to save the day.

The song is also featured in a commercial for All Nippon Airways latest campaign Hello Blue, Hello Future. ANA is an official airline partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Flying Boat (飛行艇)


  1. Flying Boat (飛行艇)

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