Has the summer feeling energized your body and soul to go outside? No? Me neither. We can stay indoors and learn choreographies instead. POIDOL’s dance master Ayase Nana is on top of a roof dancing to the crazy catchy track Wakusei Loop (惑星ループ) by Eve and it looks relatively simple to follow if you wanted to attempt it yourself:

【POIDOL】 振付マスター 絢瀬ナナ 惑星ループ 踊ってみた 【絢瀬ナナ】

The original track, Wakusei Loop feat. Nayutan Alien came out in 2016 and is by the artist called Eve. His work is poppy and the newer videos put a lot of emphasis into the details. I would highly recommend for you to check out his YouTube if you like this track.

惑星ループ - Eve feat.ナユタン星人

What did you think? Do you have any videos of your own dances? Let us know in the comments below.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Nana Ayase (絢瀬 ナナ))
Twitter (Souta Nagi (凪 爽汰))
Twitter (Ran Ayase (絢瀬 蘭))
Twitter (Takuto Minazuki (水奈月 タクト))

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