NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST is finally back with their first music video since their return! The new piece is sarcastically called Thank You and offers a different sound that we’re used to, a djenty and nu-metal one which is a result of their latest addition, guitarist Lin, who previously played in the metalcore band abstracts. You will find this new heavy beast in their upcoming album UNLEASH, ready to be uncaged on July 24 along with six other songs, making the mini-album seven tracks in total!


Besides the fact that the band toned down their visual kei look by a lot, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s musical style has changed too. From one point of view, it is still very similar considering it being a heavier kind of metal. From another perspective, the distinct signature and elements that made NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST the band they were is almost completely wiped. But of course, I have only one song to judge so far. My full judgment will have to be reserved for when I get my hands on the seven-track mini-album UNLEASH next month.

There’s also vocalist Hiro’s way of screaming that leans more towards rap than anything, and in fact, he is rapping during some parts of the song. We even find him doing short monologues as well where he sends the lovely message:

Die at least 3 times and start your life again

And later in the song:

Actually, die 100 times, start again and dare to come back

As an avid listener of Lin’s previous metalcore band abstracts—more than NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST—I’m personally excited for what the band will bring henceforth. The new song Thank You is heavy, offers attitude, and best of all, Lin’s djenty guitar that is darker in sound than ever before!

Let us know what you think in the comment section!

Update: The music video has been removed since guitar Lin’s departure due to an arrest related to cannabis.


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  1. Prologue
  2. Thank You
  3. Macho of the world (マッチョ オブ ザ ワールド)
  5. Satanic Corner
  6. hPa
  7. Shounen Jidai (少年時代)

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