NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST is now back after a time of inactivity which was caused by the departure of guitarist Cazqui, and Daichi, due to the label’s poor management of money. With the revival announcement, the band introduces their new guitarist, Lin, from the progressive metalcore band abstracts. In addition to all the great news, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST also announced a new mini-album that will be released by the end of July–of course, with the help of the new guitarist Lin. The title of the mini-album is yet to be revealed.

Lin has shown extremely technical skills while being in the band abstracts, and his contribution to the mini-album will help NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST shape their own sound.

The mini-album will be released under the new label MAVERICK from the company MAVERICK DC GROUP, the same company that supervises the visual kei event, JACK IN THE BOX.

The band will also hold a revival concert “FROM THIS DAY” that will be held on August 3, at Shibuya WWW-X. This will be your first chance to see the new line-up perform in person!

The new skillful guitarist, Lin.

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