From NABOWA’s sixth album DUSK, released in April, they have brought us their newest single DAYBREAK. This song may sit at the end of the album’s tracklist but has now been given the spotlight with a full-length music video to support the single release. Also following NABOWA from dusk to daybreak is director Takaharu Shimizu who directed the music video for DAYBREAK, as well as, their previous music video for their single release of DUSK.

The use of minimal lighting with downwards spotlights makes the surroundings become shrouded in darkness and draws your eye to the center, and although the members take center stage, they too shy away from the camera with their backs turned. These modest elements of the video allow the listener to focus on the lyricism of the song as it flourishes in the beauty of its orchestration.

Although NABOWA’s studio recordings hold much beauty, their live performances manage to truly bring their music alive for the listener, and you don’t even have to go far to experience it! The band performed songs from the album live online in February 2019 and have now uploaded the recording of this performance to their YouTube. This is the longest live performance video by the band and you can see the true worth of their instrumental performance through this 39-minute video experience:

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