It’s been a while, but we are finally receiving music from the metal band JILUKA! A new EP titled Polyhedron will be released on May 29 containing four cover songs of popular artists from different genres with a little twist of metal added to it.

The tracklist starts off with a cover of the Eurobeat hit U.S.A. by Italian singer Joe Yellow, also covered by Japanese male idol group DA PUMP quite recently. Next up, JILUKA adventures into the Vocaloid world by presenting their interpretation of Hatsune Miku’s Ghost Rule composed by Vocaloid producer and utaite, DECO*27. The third track will ring a bell to anime lovers as it was used as an ending song of the anime InuYasha. We are talking about Do As Infinity’s best selling single Fukai Mori, which JILUKA covers in two versions. Last but not least, we have Genkai Lovers by the legendary all-female band SHOW-YA formed back in 1981.

Listen to the previews below and let us know your thoughts on JILUKA’s cover project:

JILUKA カヴァーEP「Polyhedron」試聴

U.S.A. preview:

試聴:JILUKA / U.S.A.

Ghost Rule (ゴーストルール) preview:

試聴:JILUKA / ゴーストルール

Fukai Mori (深い森) preview:

試聴:JILUKA / 深い森

Genkai Lovers (限界LOVERS) preview:


Update 2019-05-26: Added single previews of the songs.


Regular edition type A

  1. U.S.A.
  2. Ghost Rule (ゴーストルール)
  3. Fukai Mori (深い森)
  4. Genkai Lovers (限界LOVERS)

Buy at CDJapan, HMV or Amazon

Limited edition type B

  1. U.S.A.
  2. Ghost Rule (ゴーストルール)
  3. Fukai Mori -acoustic ver.- (深い森)
  4. Genkai Lovers (限界LOVERS)

Buy at CDJapan, HMV or Amazon

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Official Website
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