Kizu released their sixth single Heisei on March 19 that saw the band suit up for the occasion. On that very day, the band also revealed the lyric video for the second track, Tokyo, which has to be their most straightforward rock song to date and that’s not a bad thing!

Here the visuals don’t particularly stand out, especially when compared to their previous lyric video for Buta. However, in saying that, Tokyo is definitely an interesting one with its rawness, straightforward composition, and distorted guitars. The atmosphere is completely different to any of their songs produced so far. It’s as carefree as you can get!

Kizu also announced in a separate video that they will do their best to release the music video for Heisei before the end of the Heisei era on April 30.

To better understand the single’s title Heisei, we need to first understand how the Japanese calendar system works. Unlike our standard Gregorian calendar, the Japanese calendar has the years numbered within eras. Currently, we’re on the 31st year since the Heisei era started, as such, the year is notated as “Heisei 31”. The abdication of the current emperor is expected to take place on April 30 which in turn marks the end of an era and sets forth a new one, hence the statement above.

Check out their suited-up and dark new look below!

Heisei (平成)

Edition A


  1. Heisei (平成)
  2. Tokyo (東京)
  3. Stalker (ストーカー)

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Edition B


  1. Heisei (平成)
  2. Tokyo (東京)
  3. Yume (夢)

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