In remembrance of the March 11 Touhoku earthquake and tsunami that occurred eight years ago, NAZARE has released the lyric video for the song, Saikaron, taken from both their live-limited first album Jingai and its second press Jingai -Happiness Edition-.

The lyric video consists of an image slideshow of the destruction caused by the natural disaster as vocalist Mio sings alongside the piano accompaniment and the rest of the band. The song is heart-wrenching and with the disaster-filled images fading in and out of view, it’s made all the more poignant.

NAZARE - 災禍論(Lyric Video)

This is our first time covering NAZARE so let’s take a look back at their history so far!

NAZARE formed in 2018 and consists of vocalist Mio, guitarist Yoh, bassist Uta, and drummer Issei, formerly of D.I.D. and DIMLIM. In the run-up to their official reveal, there were flyers given out with their faces scribbled out.

Once time was up, we got details of their album Jingai and a music video for Koufukuron.


You can also check out songs Adolfism., a Vain you, and Junan on their YouTube channel. The band released their 16 songs venue-limited first album Jingai on January 12, producing only 250 copies. Then they released its second press on February 21, also venue-limited, with 500 copies and six songs.

Next up is their first venue-limited mini-album to be released on April 28 titled Jingai BEYOND with 250 copies yet again and Jingai CODA, which will be available on June 16.

See their artist photos below!

Jingai -Happiness Edition- (荊海-幸福盤-)


  1. Koufukuron (幸福論)
  2. a Vain you
  3. Adolfism.
  4. Junan (受難)
  5. Iro Shitsu (色失)
  6. Saikaron (災禍論)
  7. SAD[ist.]

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Yoh) (妖)
Twitter (Uta) (うた)
Twitter (Issei) (壱世)

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