MIYAVI has taken on another acting role, starring alongside Suicide Squad actress Karen Fukuhara, Christine Woods, and Ross Partridge, in the new indie thriller Stray. The new feature film is directed by Joe Sill, whom MIYAVI is no stranger to, as they previously worked together for the Long Nights music video. The film will be released in select theaters and Video-On-Demand on March 1.

Yet again, MIYAVI adds another action-packed role to his acting portfolio after his previous casting in the live-action adaption of Bleach.

The film follows an orphaned teen (Karen Fukuhara) who teams up with the detective (Christine Woods), investigating her mother’s murder while also confronting the ghosts of her family’s past.

The involvement of MIYAVI’s “mysterious loner” character in the film is still uncertain. The only certain thing so far is that this film is packed full of dark and supernatural occurrences.

Take a peek at MIYAVI’s look for the film in the official trailer for Stray, MIYAVI appears briefly around 1:15.

Update 2018-02-26: An additional clip of MIYAVI has been revealed, short but sweet.

Miyavi with the Stray cast.

Official promotional poster for “Stray”.

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