DEVILOOF is killing it with their latest song GOUZINZANGOKU! This is one of the songs the band lined up for the three-month consecutive release where we will be introduced to a new release by the start of each month. We can also expect to see their upcoming second full album Oni hit stores on May 22, just like last time, it is mixed and mastered by the legendary Ryo (Яyo Trackmaker) from the now-disbanded girugamesh.

Music video GOUZINZANGOKU, loosely translates to “Torture appalling prison”, is a brutal piece of work and should be kept away from those with sensitive eyes (figuratively speaking). Its heavy sound combined with their unsettling and cinematic visuals makes this one of DEVILOOF’s finest music videos. It begins with a 40-second clip where we see a corpse in a large plastic bag being dragged into the woods, to soon realize, this isn’t a corpse, but a live person.

DEVILOOF - 拷訊惨獄(Official Music Video)

Deviloof’s band visuals for “GOUZINZANGOKU”.

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Official Website
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