DEVILOOF just unveiled details on their upcoming three-month consecutive single release campaign! The band will make available the first installment Goujin Sangoku (拷訊惨獄) on February 1, and reveal their new look as well as a music video for the title-track. Continuing on, the same routine will happen with the singles Dusky-Vision on March 1, and Ruten (流転) on April 1.

This is just one of the few steps set on DEVILOOF’s ambitious plans for his year that started off with the announcement of their new members Aisaku, and Kanta. The new line-up will later officially present themselves at a one-man live for the first time on March 19. The band members have previously only played together as support members.

We would also like to remind you that DEVILOOF’s second album will see the light in May accompanied by a promotional one-man tour. Speaking of tours, we are also eager to receive more information on the band’s Europe tour, but it seems fans will have to be patient on this one. Anyways, are you excited to hear this news? Let us know your thoughts through our social media or at the discord chat room.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Keisuke)
Twitter (Aisaku)
Twitter (Daiki)
Twitter (Ray)
Twitter (Kanta)

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