While we’re a few months past the release of Crystal Lake’s latest album Helix, the band has not stopped their activities relating to the album as they just put out a music video for the ninth track, Devilcry.

The new music video Devilcry is a profound piece of work, scenic shots, emotional melodies, and lyrics touching the bitter side of life—death and denial. This is a sound that has been established through each of the album releases, it’s more mature and sophisticated—an auditory characteristic that could not be found in their earlier days of work. It is definitely one of the more unique styles Crystal Lake has to offer while still incorporating a heavy load of headbanging components, not leaving any loyal metalheads behind.

Beginning the music video is vocalist Ryo’s monologue.

I’m sure as hell not ready to die
But watching the world go by
We all figure out
We say goodbye like a thousand times
Until it gets to the one that’s closest to you
Even the devil cried watching his mother fly away

Besides a new music video being pushed, the band is also currently touring across the U.S. in connection to album Helix. They will not only stop in Japan later this year but also hit several places around Europe this spring, and summer! Including countries such as Sweden, the U.K., Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Czech, and Belgium. You can read up on their tour schedule over at the official website.



  1. Helix
  2. Aeon
  3. Agony
  4. +81
  5. Lost In Forever
  6. Outgrow
  7. Ritual
  8. Hail To The Fire
  9. Devilcry
  10. Just Confusing
  11. Apollo
  12. Sanctuary

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