MUCC surprised us with a classy artist photo featuring an additional member and with the announcement of a new album! First off, let’s clarify that the man standing in the left side of the photo is keyboardist and producer Tooru Yoshida, who will be collaborating with MUCC in Kowareta Piano to Living Dead, a concept album to be released on February 13.

This will be MUCC’s 14th album to date and will contain nine new songs. The regular edition can now be pre-ordered at general stores. Members of MUCC’s official fan club, Shuu no To, will have access to an exclusive edition which adds a special booklet alongside the CD.

The band has also unveiled their new promotional look which you can see below:

A month away from the album release date, any audio nor video previews have been made available at the moment. In the meantime, check out MUCC’s minimalistic music video for Timer, from their 37th single Jigen Bakudan.

Kowareta Piano to Living Dead

Regular edition

  1. Kowareta Piano (壊れたピアノ)
  2. Psycho (サイコ)
  3. Iris (アイリス)
  4. Vampire (ヴァンパイア)
  5. In the shadows
  6. Sekisou (積想)
  7. Yuri to tsubasa (百合と翼)
  8. Countdown (カウントダウン)
  9. Living Dead

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