THE MUSMUS surprised the fans with a gift on Christmas day, an effect-filled music video of the song Demiçeri from the venue-limited single, THE TOWER. Those who have been following THE MUSMUS the past year are surely familiar with this song because it was first released back in March, but it isn’t until now that we get to see the public release of the music video.

The song itself is very energetic and fast-paced, it hooks you at the moment it starts when drummer Shingo plays his rapid paradiddles on the snare. Similar to the band’s previous music video AOBA TO Waltz, we see THE MUSMUS make use of visual effects like shattered geometrical shapes, but in addition, they also add dramatic pixel sorting effect which results in trippy and glitchy visuals.


Venue limited


  1. Demiçeri
  2. Sousai-sei riron

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