It seems a lot of fans still have fond memories of DELUHI. The popular group, who disbanded back in 2011, recently announced their plans for a 10th anniversary best album and one-off revival concert next Spring. But it seems that even booking Mynavi BLITZ in Akasaka wasn’t enough for the nostalgia-filled fans, as the sizable live house that fits around 1300 people sold out in minutes after tickets went on general sale.

However, in response to the fans’ undying loyalty, a second date has been added at the well-known O-EAST venue in Shibuya, which holds a similar capacity. Tickets for this additional performance go on sale on December 8, but fans will have to be quick if they want to get one.

DELUHI surprised many back in the late 2000’s with the rate at which they gained popularity both domestically and overseas for a visual kei band. Initially formed from legendary guitarist Leda’s band GRAVE SEED, the final line-up with vocalist Juri, bassist Aggy, and drummer Sujk began activities as DELUHI in February 2008. By January of the following year they already had their first one-man show under their belt, and despite a fairly limited number of releases without a full album, the band quickly gained momentum in the visual kei scene. It came as a shock to many when at the end of 2010 they announced their disbandment, as bassist Aggy had chosen to leave after their final tour the next Summer.

Since then, the members have been involved in other projects such as UNDIVIDE and Far East Dizain, but none have quite enjoyed the same success as DELUHI.

Now, to celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary, they will release a best-of album called DELUHISM:X (DELUHISM:DECADE) on December 19, which will include a brand new song that was left unfinished around the time of their disbandment, as well as a collection of remastered tracks from their small discography. Their revival lives, called THE XING OF DELUHISM (THE CROSSING OF DELUHISM) will take place on Friday, April 12 and April 19 next year.


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  1. Overture -Yggdalive-
  2. Rebel:Sicks, Shadow:Six
  3. flow snow
  4. WAKE UP!
  6. Living Dead (リヴィングデッド)
  7. Freedom
  8. Ivory and Irony
  9. Remember the rain
  10. F.T.O
  11. Baby play
  13. Untitled new song
  14. Orion once again -09 remix-
  15. Freedom -09 remix-

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