DIAURA’s alter ego band “Dioora”, an old-school visual kei inspired band, has announced that they will commence hiatus after their final performance at Shinjuku BLAZE, on November 1. Before the alter ego band pauses activities, there will be a venue limited demo tape titled blind memory available at the performance.

DIAURA is—as most of us know—not a new band, but the guys decided earlier this spring to spawn an alter-ego band, calling themselves Dioora (ディオーラ), curving their direction to a more 90’s visual kei approach. Instead of the usual military uniform getup, they’re clad in glossy PVC costumes, going for a more 90’s visual kei look. Their concept also changed with this, going from Dictatorial Aura to Neo Darkness!

The new band name is in actuality the same name they use for the main band “DIAURA”, although the alter ego name is spelled in katakana instead of using the Roman alphabet; romanizing “ディオーラ” results in “Dioora”, which is the name we use to distinguish the two. Even the band members chose to keep the same names they use in DIAURA, albeit in kanji.

The inception of Dioora all started with this year’s multi-band concert “Yami Ikusa!!!”, a set of summer performances between bands on record labels Ains, and GOEMON RECORDS. Running since 2016, Arlequin, Gossip, Pentagon, DIAURA, and the now disbanded Greiva, have all participated. However, this year saw Kizu, FEST VAINQUERER, and newcomers POIDOL join in on the fight alongside DIAURA’s alter-ego band, Dioora, replacing them altogether in the lineup.

Even though Dioora is short-lived, we hope to see them come back at some point, but until then, DIAURA will remain active to fill that void!

See the flyer for this years Yami Ikusa!!! as well as Dioora’s latest artist photos below!

blind memory

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  1. blind memory

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“Unmei Kaika”


  1. “Unmei Kaika” (運命開化)
  2. Sogoku (葬獄)
  3. Nemesis (ネメシス)

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