DIMLIM let loose their first concept album, CHEDOARA, on August 8 and revealed the grim music video for the fifth track, Aizou ni Tsuki. Starring a woman turning on a TV to approach a man in bed, the man doesn’t respond but it quickly becomes apparent that he’s dead.

A woman tries to wake up her partner to no avail

The woman makes food and soup for the man but obviously, being dead, he cannot do any of those things so its put to waste.

She attempts to feed him but it doesn’t go as planned

She is next seen wrapping wire around his neck which switches to a scene of them laughing together, indicating that they’re a couple. It also turns out that she killed him using the wire, as a single tear leaves his eye, leading us to the end of the narrative.

The couple laughing together during good times, not knowing that it will all come to an end

The focus on the band members sees them separately performing their respective parts in a room with the TV from the start of the music video, playing static on the screen behind them.

DIMLIM rock out hard to the unsettling song

DIMLIM has already taken our breath away with vocalist Sho letting loose that long piercing screech in the music video for vanitas welcoming bassist Taishi and drummer Hiroshi to the band. They then followed it up with an experimental smartphone-friendly lyric video for Shigarami, directed by vocalist Yojiro of A Ghost of Flare.

The band also has updated their website with new artist photos so make sure you check them out alongside the music video!

Artist Photo for “Aizou ni Tsuki”


Regular edition


  3.  Malformation
  4.  …Monoguruhi…Narite (…物狂ひ…なりて)
  5. Aizou ni Tsuki… (愛憎につき…)
  6. Kyou no Ri (狂の理)
  7. Ambitious principles
  8. Mad [K]
  9. Shigarami (シガラミ)
  10. D.Hymnus
  11. vanitas – CHEDOARA MIX –
  12. “Hito” to “Katachi”(「人」と「形」)

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Official Website
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Twitter (Ryuya) (竜弥)
Twitter (Retsu) (烈)
Twitter (Taishi) (大志)
Twitter (Hiroshi) (鴻志)
Instagram (Retsu) (烈)
Instagram (Ryuya) (竜弥)

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