Self-proclaimed in leading the “Violinism Revolution”, band AIOLIN revealed a new music video Antithese today.

This band debuted on February 6, 2017, consists of Hikarito, the vocals, guitarist, violinist, pianist, and songwriter of the band, alongside with You the guitarist, Reis the bassist and Seiya on drums. On the band’s profile, it lists that Hikarito is a Tokyo Art University graduate (very impressive) and that “AIOLIN’s music has a detailed knowledge of music theory and high quality of playing technic.” Let’s take a look for ourselves in their latest music video below:

The quality of the violin performance is evident in the video, and you can hear this especially when compared to many other jrock bands out there that feature strings in their tracks. The melody of the song isn’t your standard visual kei recipe, with unusual transitions throughout. I personally feel the blending of the violin within this particular song could have been a little stronger due to how it’s segmented into sections which created friction when I was listening to this the first time around.

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