Kizu was well ahead of the game when they announced the release of single Steroid near the start of May, revealing their strikingly white artist photos. However, today is the day we can finally enjoy the single Steroid as it is now out in stores!

This undoubtedly kept us guessing what kind of song Steroid would be, could it possibly be a ballad or another heavy song? Well, that is no longer a question anymore.

As you can hear, Steroid is a hard-hitting, relentlessly heavy and incandescently expressed song that does not fail to impress. Then we move onto the ridiculously catchy second track, Buta, with the English lyrics “copy and paste” sticking out.

Next is Naka Niwa, available only on the A type, with is soft acoustic start and bells that descend into full-blown guitars and a nice little chug alongside a classical accompaniment. Finally, we have Utsukushi Hibi, available only on the B type, which is a through and through ballad with its airy atmosphere.

You can catch the full version of Buta below with its cool as hell lyric video!

Steroid (ステロイド)

Type A


  1. Steroid (ステロイド)
  2. Buta (豚)
  3. Naka Niwa (中庭)

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Type B


  1. Steroid (ステロイド)
  2. Buta (豚)
  3. Utsukushi Hibi (美しき日々)

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