DADAROMA have finally revealed the details for their new single, ‘Boku wa Android’, out on July 18. It was known this was coming as far back as the end of May but it’s only now that details have been finalized!

A type will have two songs, ‘Boku wa Android’ and Yogoreru Mae ni Watashi o Daite, as well as a DVD containing the music video for ‘Boku wa Android’. B type, however, removes the DVD to add a third song titled FAKE.

The band has also uploaded a music video preview for ‘Boku wa Android’ that sees vocalist Yoshiatsu imitate the movements of an android. Maybe more so a malfunctioning one, as his face makeup illustrates his exposed circuitry. This music video also takes them to the same place where UVERworld filmed DECIDED and AllS filmed Limelight.

The song itself takes on electronic elements before transitioning into the high energy rock their known for. You can also hear Yoshiatsu repeat the title track name ‘Boku wa Android’ over and over. Now that may get tiresome for some but it keeps everything in check with the repetitive robotic feel you might associate with a malfunctioning android.

Take a look at the music video preview and artist photos below!

The bluish hues are to die for in DADAROMA’s artist photo for ‘Boku wa Android’

‘Boku wa Android’「僕はアンドロイド」

Type A


  1. ‘Boku wa Android’「僕はアンドロイド」
  2. Yogoreru Mae ni Watashi o Daite (汚れる前に私を抱いて)


  1. ‘Boku wa Android’ Music Video

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Type B


  1. ‘Boku wa Android’「僕はアンドロイド」
  2. Yogoreru Mae ni Watashi o Daite (汚れる前に私を抱いて )
  3. FAKE

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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