the GazettE has been promoting their album NINTH extensively as of recently, by now, we’ve been exposed to all sort of glitchy and weird teasers. Most of it is a combination of the recent vaporwave aesthetics and the nostalgic digital scanning effect.

Today, we’ll show you how to reproduce a similar effect without using Photoshop or any prior skills at hand in just three steps! We also prepared an optional fourth step where we explain how you can animate your image.

the GazettE’s artwork for album “NINTH”. We’ll use this image as a reference.

Reproduce the GazettE NINTH’s glitchy artwork effect, no skills required!

Step 1 — Select an image

For this little experiment, we appropriately picked out an art of Madonna and Child. If you want to go for a more vaporwave style, we included a photo of Helios below. You may of course choose any other image in your possession as well.

Head over to and drag and drop the chosen image. To replace the current image, simply drop the new image onto the canvas.

Step 2 — Color tone

Use the settings as shown below, don’t worry if it is not the exact same value.

If you chose to go with the Helios image—or any other image where there is one dominating color—make sure to turn on the Solarize effect too. Play with the settings until you get a balance between red and green.

At this point, your image should look something like this.

Step 3 — Distorting the image

Now, save your image using the “Save” button at the bottom as we’re going to import your image to another webpage.

Head over to Bitmap Sorter by LARIXK and use the settings below, you will find the controls in the top right corner.

To decrease or increase the intensity of the glitch effect, play around with “threshold”. We would suggest keeping “strength” at “1”.

Click the image to save, a new tab will open where you can right-click to save it.

The result:

Step 4 — Adding animations (optional)

This last little bonus step allows you to really immerse yourself in a moving image! To add animations, open up a new session of and drop in the glitched image you’ve just created.

To create the effect below, I’ve used Slices, Jitter, and Smear. However, there are other effects that will give even more animated flavor, such as Melt, Wobble, Shake, BadTV, Rainbow, RGB Shift, and Scanlines. Play around until you get something cool!

Once you’re satisfied, choose to either save it as an image file “GIF” or video file “WEBM” in the top left corner.

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