The climactic end is approaching… the GazettE is just one day away from releasing their long-awaited new song, taken out of their upcoming spring album. To be exact, March 10 at midnight. During this entire time, we have not received any substantial preview of the song, nor any details of the album, but with the teaser videos revealed last year, we are patiently waiting to be impressed!

The information we got so far from the aforementioned teaser video, it seems like the concept of DOGMA (PROJECT: DARK AGE) lives on, and that we might get something of similar approach. Do keep in mind that musical aspect of PROJECT: DARK AGE didn’t just end with the album DOGMA. The two singles released after DOGMAUNDYING, and UGLY, revealed the true form of this concept project.

The extended artwork from PROJECT: DARK AGE, combining the artwork of UNDYING, DOGMA, and UGLY.

To keep up with the countdown, head over to the GazettE’s official website and be the first one to listen to the new song! While we’re waiting, go ahead and play the teaser video on repeat!

As a side note, the countdown on the GazettE’s website displays the remaining time until March 10 based on your local time, but it is safe to assume the official release is based on Japanese time.

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