In what seems like an eternity for fans, 8P-SB, the new project of ex-Mejibray members Koichi and Tsuzuku, finally released their debut music video for super star, three months after the initial reveal of the project, and six since the duo left Mejibray and its management.

In a complete 180 in terms of genre, 8P-SB seems to be going the “pop route” and released a very light, piano influenced, and almost R&B-esque song, but what surprised people the most was the fact that Koichi is singing alongside Genki for this new project, leaving his trusty bass behind.

You may have noticed us using Genki instead of Tsuzuku, and that’s because Tsuzuku has reverted back to using Genki as his stage name, something VanessA fans may remember him using in the past.

This new direction in sound has left some fans with divided opinions. While a good majority are loving the song, some have not held back in expressing their disappointment at this complete change in direction.

Koichi and Genki had already announced that 8P-SB’s activities would start today, on June 18, and true to their word, today, not only did they release their first music video, but they also held their first live at Ebisu CreAto in Tokyo. Their new website also launched last month, but it is still quite barren at this point.

With the release of the new music video, fans are surely awaiting a debut single or album, but as of this writing nothing has been revealed.

Are you enjoying 8P-SB’s new song?

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (8P-SB)
Twitter (Koichi)
Instagram (8P-SB)
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