We have created our very own list of Jrock and visual kei bands touring and performing in America! It was a lot of work to research and put together, so please let us know if you find this helpful. This will let us know to continue with these tour lists in the future.


Find tours in AMERICA


We will also start helpfully reminding you in advance on Facebook and Instagram when shows are coming up, so be sure to follow us! Here is an example of these reminders:

So far we have BABYMETAL, DatuRA, FLOW, LM.C, MIYAVI and more, so please do check it out and tell your friends about the shows. By supporting the artists coming to your country, you’ll encourage more bands to fly over to see you!

If you’re a reader based in Europe, what are you doing here? Come take a look at the even bigger list of events on in Europe. If you have any events you would like to add to this list, please email us at info@jrocknews.com so other fans can find out about the tours and shows.

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