A few months ago, we had the privilege of interviewing the legend who coined the term “visual kei”, Seiichi Hoshiko, and after this interview, our minds were so boggled by his experiences! We began thinking about how we could help the jrock community to grow, and how we could make it more entertaining in hope to help revolutionize jrock and visual kei, just like Seiichi Hoshiko. Our question was soon answered after a discussion within the team. A discussion that led to the very beginning of our very own monthly magazine, JROCK MAG!

Unlike our website, the magazine will not only bring you exclusive entertainment news but also focus on digging into the lives of your favorite jrock artists! Never again will you be left with that itchy spot for spicy gossip on jrockers’ personal lives and activities.

We’ve been working long and hard on the first edition of our brand new magazine, and we’re proud to let you take a sneak peek of the cover of our first volume!

Cover of JROCK NEWS’ first volume of “JROCK MAG”

The new magazine launches today, on April 1, in local stores in the UK at a price of £4. But for everyone else, you will be able to order it online starting tomorrow for $5! Look forward to finally reading all the intimate stories of the jrock world!

Update 2018-04-02: Happy belated April Fools’ Day :D