Pentagon’s latest single Hankou Seimei (反抗声明) is in stores since February 7. Prior to its release, the band let loose a music video preview filled with static distortion and washed out colors for visual effects.

This takes the band’s performance to a dreary, dark place for the scenery to change and illustrate a cluster of tilted buildings behind them. The lyrics also appear on the screen in the form of newspaper clippings to give context and add style to the music video. Go ahead and see it below!

ペンタゴン「反抗声明」MV SPOT

Hankou Seimei (反抗声明)

Regular Edition


  1. Hankou Seimei (反抗声明)
  2. Yotogi Banashi (夜伽話)
  3. Goodbye (グッド・バイ)

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Limited Edition


  1. Hankou Seimei (反抗声明)
  2. Yotogi Banashi (夜伽話)


  1. Hankou Seimei Music Video
  2. Hankou Seimei Music Video off shot
  3. Three songs from their 47 prefectures JAPAN TOUR “WONDER: LAST” TOUR FINAL and Minpha’s birthday

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

More info:
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