Veteran band heidi. is coming back with the music video for Ray, to be released on January 24 in the form of a single.

Twelve years have passed since the debut of heidi. and the quartet still has that particular sound that made us fall in love with them. If not on a better form, Ray continues on the same line as their last album Kaikou, where the band returned to their roots and also acquired a heavier sound. The sound of the song is very powerful thanks to the low-tuned bass and the distorted guitar riffs, however, it also turns melodic when vocalist Nao takes over in the chorus.

The single is now available in two editions A, and B. The first comes with two songs and a 20-page booklet, while the latter comes with three tracks, including a re-recorded version of Twilight Town from the band’s second mini-album Sixth Sense (シックスセンス) released back in 2011. The band has not provided any other sample of how the b-side, Kokoro Sou (心葬), will sound like, but we expect it to be as good as the title track.

As for the music video, the scenes are filmed on a very dark stage while the band perform. The only source of light comes from a slight illumination that highlights small details of the members as well as colorful rays of light from behind the members.

Find is the band’s current look below:


heidi ray cover a

Edition A


  1. Ray
  2. Kokoro Sou (心葬)


  • 20-page photobook

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Edition B


  1. Ray
  2. Kokoro Sou (心葬 )
  3. Twilight Town (トワイライトタウン) (Re-recorded)

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