After the album EPOCALIPSE released in March 2016, Satsuki returns with a new piece of musical work. This time, it is a digital single titled ZERO, to be released on December 27 on iTunes and Google Play. It will contain a single song, likewise called ZERO.

According to Satsuki, the creation of the song has been based on the ongoing conflicts of people, and how a person with negative energy can make people both weaker and stronger. This is definitely reflected in the single’s sound, which is quite harsh. ZERO is also inspired by the 2016-2017 EPOCALIPSE tour that took place across 19 countries.

On December 17, Satsuki released a short promotional video trailer for the single on his YouTube channel.

We have had the opportunity to listen to the entire song before the official release; the tour inspiration is clearly apparent within it—it sounds like a very exciting and intense song to hear live.

ZERO follows in the footsteps of Satsuki’s EPOCALIPSE two-part album with its pleasantly hard and heavy sound. Its overall vibe and sound feels like a continuation of ECLIPSE and APOCALYPSE, and it makes for a very fine successor to these. The song almost raises you out of your seat with its pumped rhythm and definitely conveys the turmoil of human conflict that Satsuki cited as one of the inspirations for it.

Satsuki blends various elements within ZERO impressively seamlessly—the song is very versatile and feels neither repetitive nor fragmented. Slow and gentle verses, screaming, intense music, female backup vocals, rapping, ZERO has it all and no part really feels out of place—they work very well as a singular product.

Satsuki seems to have really found his footing in this style. He knows what he’s doing and that he is very good at it. If you have liked his recent releases, definitely check ZERO out, it should be right up your lane. It feels just a little mysterious, and immensely powerful—once the billowing waves of its melody and rhythm engulf you, you are guaranteed a very intense ride.

The release of ZERO will also be followed by a mini-album that will be released sometime in 2018, so stay tuned!



  1. ZERO

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