You may recognise the name Satsuki (砂月), former vocalist for RENTRER EN SOI, who moved onto a solo artist career in 2009. His most recent release was an album titled EPOCALIPSE which came out in March 2016, but the latest news is that he has created his own jewelry brand, Sacred Traditional Kingdom Melody -S.T.K.M. Using beading and metals in his design, each piece is unique and looks slightly different from each other. You can purchase his jewelry online via the web store.

Each collection is limited, and prices range from €15-35, which is really affordable! Here are some of his works below:

S.T.K.M Wing of Archangel Jophiel
Archangel Jophiel is the angel that sees the Beauty in All Things.
“My wish is the person wearing this jewellery will feel and reach their inner shine”
S.T.K.M Wing of Archangel Jophiel – €15.00

Vampire love – €35.00

S.T.K.M NEXUS – €15.00

Night Wing – €35.00

More info:
Facebook (Satsuki)
Instagram (Satsuki)
YouTube (Satsuki)
Official Website (Sacread Traditional Kingdome Melody – S.T.K.M.)
Twitter (Sacread Traditional Kingdome Melody – S.T.K.M.)
Facebook (Sacread Traditional Kingdome Melody – S.T.K.M.)

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