We have reported just recently that Kaya will be performing at J’Fest in Mexico in May 2018. This time, we bring good news for Kaya fans in the US!

Kaya has announced on his website and social media a couple days ago that he will also be making a stop in the US to appear at RuPaul’s DragCon in Los Angeles on May 11–13, 2018! From the announcement on Kaya’s website, it is yet unclear whether he will perform musically at all, however, what we are promised for sure is Kaya appearing at special meet-and-greets and autograph sessions throughout the convention!

If you would like to see Kaya at DragCon, weekend tickets for the event are up for sale and currently priced at $60. It seems the price will be going up, so the earlier you buy them, the better.

By Kaya’s own words though, the specific label of a drag queen does not matter to him (nor do any other labels) and he does not strictly characterize himself by it, as Kaya is simply Kaya. He will be the first visual kei musician to take part in the convention and he appears very excited to participate, let’s be excited with him!

“So, I’ll be visiting two places abroad next year★ After the live in Mexico, I am planning to take part in RuPaul’s “DragCon”. I love him! Is Kaya a drag queen though? It doesn’t really matter at all♡ Wearing beautiful dresses and singing beautiful songs, that’s Kaya. I will do my best to be gorgeous and fabulous whilst I’m there~! (*´∀`*)”

というわけで、来年の海外第二弾★メキシコライブの次は、大好きなRuPaulの『 DragCon』に参加決定!Kayaはドラァグクイーンなのかって?なんでもいいじゃないのそんなこと♡美しいドレスを着て美しい歌を歌うのがKayaです。思い切りゴージャスにファビュラスに参加して参りますわ〜!(*´∀`*)

— Kaya (@Kaya_rose) November 14, 2017

So, are you excited to meet Kaya in LA? Let us know if you plan on coming!

More info:
Official Website
RuPaul’s DragCon

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