Thrown into a colorful universe, the animated characters of SCANDAL members swing into action for the upcoming digital-only single, Koisuru Universe (恋するユニバース), in collaboration with Bourbon. This is out on October 22 and the tracklist is yet to be announced. We love the energetic and playful sounds in the video, and look forward to hearing the full version, which you can watch up top though.

It’s pretty interesting when you hit Bourbon’s homepage as you’ll find they often collaborate with artists for adverts.

Bourbon has created a website specifically for this collaboration, and includes a list of candies and cookies and a short profile on SCANDAL and the Prague and Japan-based filmmaker and director of this video, Sugimoto Kousuke. You’ll find he has a heavy belt of illustration projects on top of his films in both 3D and illustrated videos which animation readers may be interested in seeing. From creamy chocolate wafers, crispy vanilla filled sandwich cookies to sweet fruit flavored candies, each of these have been represented in the video. We’re hungry for some snacks and tea now!

Koisuru Universe (恋するユニバース)

  Digital edition

  • Tracklist to be announced

Buy at iTunes Us or iTunes Jp

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Haruna)
Twitter (Mami)
Twitter (Tomomi)
Twitter (Rina)

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