“To buy, or not to buy?”. For many, this might be a question related to financial standing. Even though the newly announced “iPhone X” starts at a $1000 price point, this is in fact not the issue Mr. Reita from the GazettE is facing.

The iPhone turns 10 this year, and Apple has celebrated this by announcing the iPhone X, a completely re-designed iPhone that eliminates the traditional home button for an all-screen front face, leaving no room for the known fingerprint security feature and instead opting for a facial recognition feature to unlock your phone.

iPhone X is all screen at the front, saying “Bye bye” to the iconic home button. The black notch at the top contains the components for facial recognition.

With Reita being all edgy and cool, he obviously has to hide parts of his face by keeping his bangs long, and of course not forgetting his noseband and black mask which takes his coolness to the next level!

Well, all this coolness has a price to pay, and it is not the $1000 that the iPhone X cost, but the price of not being able to use iPhone X’s main security feature, you guessed it! Facial recognition!

In the tweet further down below, Reita explains his devastation.

These two photos will probably tell the rest of the story by themselves. Maybe he should call it “iPhone Nope” from now on?

I want the iPhone X, but considering it’s me, I have a feeling I won’t be able to unlock it with the face recognition…

So if you’re a cool Jrocker as well, we are sure you too are able to share this ridiculous pain of not being able to use the facial recognition on the new iPhone. Let this be a grave lesson that even cool people have their own set of trouble.

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