Music producer Utsu-P is switching gears back to some Vocaloid work after being quite active with his other band THE OHAYOGAZAIMAS. GALAPAGOS, the new fifth upcoming Vocaloid album Utsu-P is bringing through his doujin circle “MY SONG IS SHIT“, is supposed to be “The heaviest”, “The most violent”, and “The loudest sound of all Vocaloid songs” currently out there! Utsu-P also wanted to clarify to make sure everyone got the message about this being the “heaviest, most violent, and loudest” album only applies to the Vocaloid scene, so of course, this does not compare itself to all the music in the world.

For Japanese residents, you will have to make your way to their booth at Comiket 92 on August 11 to get your hands on a physical format. Since Utsu-P is one to embrace overseas fans, international sales will also be available but in digital format, starting sometime in September. iTunes and Amazon (for overseas buyers) are the two only confirmed online stores as of now, although it has been indicated that other digital stores will also have the GALAPAGOS album available.

Previously released songs only available through video platforms such as YouTube and niconico will be included in the album, songs like Living ghost is alive, EAT, and HIKIZURI.

Living ghost is alive is second track from the album and features the Vocaloid named flower:

EAT is the fifth track and features the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin:

HIKIZURI is the sixth track, features the revised (alternative) version of Vocaloid Kagamine Rin, the “V4X (Power)” edition.



  1. Is it bad at the Galapagos Syndrome? (feat.Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin)
  2. Living ghost is alive (feat. flower)
  3. Sugarcoat of Love (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  4. Ramen Shop “GROTESQUE”  (feat. Kagamine Rin)
  5. EAT (feat. Kagamine Rin)
  6. HIKIZURI (feat. Kagamine Rin V4X (Power))
  7. Mirai no natsuyasumi (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  8. Ame-chan (feat. GUMI)

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