It was back in April when Deviloof announced to go on hiatus in order to focus on recording for their next release, and four months later, the band has updated their official twitter account with a mysterious date, which is September 1, with only the words “coming soon…” following it. It may be a bit too obvious what will be announced at this date, given the reasons for the hiatus in the first place, but still, anything can happen. Whatever the announcement may be, we know September 1 will be a great day for Deviloof fans!

Furthermore, on this same tweet, the band’s new logo was unveiled. It was created by artist Egawa Toshihiro, who has worked with other successful bands like BABYMETAL, SiM, and American deathcore band SUICIDE SILENCE.

Do you need a refresher on the band? Curious to know how their next release may sound like? Perhaps listening to the band’s teaser video for their first mini-album will help.

Deviloof - 1st Mini Album 'PURGE' (Teaser)

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Seiya (晟也))
Twitter (Daiki (太輝))
Twitter (Hiroto (ひろと))
Twitter (Ray)

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