An official tweet from earlier this week announced that Deviloof will stop all activity in order to commence recording. The tweet also detailed the addition of a new member and thanked fans for their continued support.

As fans of Jrock, we can all agree that we see hiatus announcements too often. What’s worse, these announcements are rarely followed by reunions. Luckily, Deviloof’s hiatus announcement is not really a standard hiatus. The tweet featured an image with Japanese text explaining the current state of Deviloof.

Deviloof will commence recording for a new release, delivering on yet another of their earlier promises. As a result, In order to put out the best that they can, they have decided to focus on just that. Furthermore, Deviloof finally found a replacement for guitarist Ryuya. Alternatively, if you refuse to let Ryuya go, you can look at his new project DIMLIM. Details on this mystery guitarist have yet to surface. Interestingly enough, the final line of the message from the band does not even contain his (or maybe her) name. We can only hope that they will share the vision of being the most violent and brutal visual kei band.

If you happen to be keeping track of their promises made for 2017, they have hit two of them and are working on the third. A separate tweet featured some pretty comical footage of the song Ruin being sung in a karaoke. This tweet may be a little NSFW due to the footage used in the karaoke video.

Don’t give into the heartbreak, put down the rope. Deviloof is here to stay. It is clear that they are committed to making quality, visceral releases. Let’s all sit back and see how they will shock us next. I, for one, am now in need of a new poster to get the fifth member’s autograph.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Ryuya (竜弥))
Twitter (Seiya (晟也))
Twitter (Daiki (太輝))
Twitter (Hiroto (ひろと))
Twitter (Ray)
Instagram (Ryuya (竜弥))

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