New beginnings are in store for SUI as he prepares to launch his own record label and release his first single, Requiemage, under his solo project, David. The former vocalist of Megaromania started David eight months ago, and released his first song, GENISIS, while signed to KAMIJO’s label, Chateau Agency. As stated on the official announcement about the switch, SUI was encouraged to set out on his own label from the start but lacked confidence at the time.

Now it seems, after a little mentoring, he’s ready to embark on an independent path with his label named Resonance. It’s unclear whether this new label is a subdivision of Chateau Agency or not, therefore we won’t make any assumptions for the time being.

The single is due to hit shelves on November 1. So far there has not been any videos or samples uploaded but we’ll keep you updated.

Advert flyer for Requiemage

In other news, David will perform a commemorative headlining live, Requiemage Show, on October 23 at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE.


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  1. Mage
  2. Prologue
  3. Blood-Reason for existence-

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