RAZOR will be releasing their newest single, LIQUID VAIN, on August 2, as it was known already, but now the band has revealed some previews regarding the music video and the single to get everyone hyped up!

The music video exposes the great energy the band has, and Ryoga’s harsh vocals sound better than ever. The video ends on a high as the lyrics “I WILL BURY YOU!” come across the screen as it fades out to end the preview, leaving us asking for more. And there is more! The single digest has also been released, and can be listened to below, giving us a taste of what the other two tracks sound like:

The second track seems to follow the use auto-tune, just as it did for the title track, whereas the third track is more tranquil and slower song, similar to other slower songs the band has released previously.

RAZOR seems to be living up to its name of a “super band”, so we hope they continue with the great content!


Limited edition / Type A


  2. Yokoshima Kuzure (邪崩)


  1. LIQUID VAIN Music Video

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Regular edition / Type B


  2. Yokoshima Kuzure (邪崩)
  3. ADAMZ

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