Schwarz Kain will be releasing their first ever mini-album titled Hakuhyou no Hana (薄氷の華) out on August 2. They have unveiled the music video for the first track of the album, Gareki no Bohyou, Kishin no Aoki (瓦礫の墓標、帰心の碧き) which means “tome of rubble, blessing of my return”. It’s a melodic and heavy track which you can watch here:

Vocalist Izumi

Guitarist Keisuke

Guitarist Nagisa

Bassist Ayaka

Drummer Tomoya

Hakuhyou no Hana

Regular edition


  1. Gareki no bohyou, kishin no aoki (瓦礫の墓標、帰心の碧き)
  2. Ikite wa kugai, shishite hai (生きては苦界、死して灰)
  3. Aisuredo munashiku, (愛すれど虚しく、)
  4. Higagoto no me kuite nochi (ひがごとの眼 悔いてのち)
  5. Yami yoi ni naku (闇宵に亡く)

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Nagisa)
Twitter (Keisuke)
Twitter (Ayaka)
Twitter (Tomoya)
Instagram (Izumi)

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