UNDER FALL JUSTICE is set to release a new mini-album entitled Shishuuchaku (死執着) on June 28! It will come with a four-track CD and DVD featuring the music video for the title track. It’s limited to 1000 copies and cost 2484 yen. If you’ll be in Japan, around Tokyo on May 29, you can grab a copy in advance at Takadanobaba AREA, at their live called, ~Boku o Koroshi te Kudasai ~Tensei no Gishiki~ (〜僕を殺してください 〜転生の儀式〜).

We’re really enjoying the sound of the previews for the mini-album. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Vocalist  Airo Maeda (前田 愛郎)

Guitarist Syoma Hayase (早瀬 渉真)

Bassist Akito Sugino (杉野 暁兎)

Drummer Jin Ikezumi (生悦住 刃)

Shishuuchaku (死執着)

Regular edition


  1. Shishuuchaku (死執着)
  2. Saigo no Yuuyake (最後の夕焼け)
  3. Tsuitou (追悼)
  4. Hitori Kakurenbo (一人かくれんぼ)


  1. Shishuuchaku (死執着) Music Video

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