R-Shitei has recently shared a video preview from their new mini-album Nihon Abnormal Kyoukai (日本アブノーマル協会) which goes on sale today! But this is not your typical music video preview. In fact, the band went all crazy for this release and filmed five new music videos!

In the first preview, we see the band performing Bokura no Abnormal dressed in the same clothes used for their promotional artist photos. The song is a heavy tune that will sure be enjoyed by fans of their last single Shambara.

The beat drops!

Next up is “delete.”, another heavy track which shows the members dressed in black clothes.

“Kimi ni Overdose” is ballad song performed by the band forming a circle around a girl. Everyone is dressed in white clothes, which results overwhelming, with the room altogether.

The sound and also the outfits of the members in “the Red Papers” reminds us of R-Shitei’s earlier days.

And finally, we find “Stand Bye Bye Me”, an emotional song.

This five music videos might be actually connected as the same girl appears in all of them in different situations

Nihon Abnormal Kyoukai (日本アブノーマル協会)

Regular edition


  1. Bokura no Abnormal (ぼくらのアブノーマル)
  2. delete.
  3. Kimi ni Overdose (君にオーバードーズ)
  4. the Red papers
  5. Stand Bye Bye Me (スタンド・バイバイ・ミー)

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