Our great friends at SALTY DOG have some unfortunate news to share with the world today. We’re reluctant and heartbroken to let you know that vocalist INGER is sadly leaving SALTY DOG at the end of this month. The band will play their last show together on March 31, the last scheduled gig in the upcoming “SALTY DOG presents Unknown Horizon”-tour.

The Norwegian vocalist INGER made her decision to depart from the band due to something as simple and realistic as finance, AKA living expense. She originally came to Japan to study, but with the formation of SALTY DOG in 2011 it kept her feet intact with Japanese soil.

Please have a read at the band’s official statement:

Thank you all for always supporting us.

It’s with heavy hearts that we report that following the now scheduled concerts, Inger is retiring as the vocalist of SALTY DOG.

At this rate, in order to stay in Japan she will have to take on a full-time job, which will make it impossible to continue the band at the current rate.
We want you to know that this is not the end, and we hope you will keep supporting us in the future.
It would make us infinitely happy to see you all, if you have the opportunity, at any of our last shows together.

We hope INGER the very best, and that she’ll continue her career as a musician to bring us even more great music to enjoy!

Before signing off, let’s reminisce back to the launch week of JROCK NEWS when INGER and her buddies cheerfully greeted our readers.

More info:
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