Previously, we gave you a list of the most shocking disbandments to come out of the year 2016, most likely dampening your festive mood and Christmas spirit. However, today we are here to tell you that everything is fine, for we now want to bring you the best bands to have formed in this year 2016, just in time to liven up your mood for new years festivities. If you were wondering what will become of your life now that BORN or The 3rd Birthday broke up, this list will raise your spirits over 9000! Let’s begin!


Definitely one of the super bands that everyone had their eye on this year was LACK-CO, which had members from amazing bands such as NEGA, Dio – Distraught overlord -, D.I.D., and My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND. Such a combination of bands surely will bring good music to our ears, and so far they have. As the band was formed by vocalist Tenten, the band’s sound is a combination of his two previous bands: the jazzy sound from Chemical Pictures, and the metal sound from MBHI. The band just announced two new singles for next year, so this is the perfect chance to hop on the LACK-CO hype train.


BORN was one of the most beloved bands overseas by visual kei fans, and many were upset when they announced their separation. However, vocalist Ryoga came back with amazing members to form RAZOR, another super band alongside LACK-CO. Check out some of the bands some of these members come from: BORN, Sadie, My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND, and Downer. Pretty impressive, huh? Their sound doesn’t disappoint, either, especially if you were fond of BORN’s music. Their combination of metal-core with some poppy and catchy chorus’s are very reminiscent of BORN’s old days, which is sure to enchant more than a few new listeners. RAZOR released their first mini-album on November 30.


Fans of Deathgaze probably have their sights on this band. After Deathgaze’s hiatus, many were wondering what would become of the members, and with vocalist Ai going solo and bassist Kousuke joining Unveil Raze in 2015, it was now guitarist Takaki’s turn to return with ORCALADE. The other members of this band don’t come from super popular bands, but they were mildly popular nonetheless. Members from bands such as EAT YOU ALIVE, ASS’n’ARROW (which featured lynch. members as well), and ClearVeil comprise this band. As for their sound, we can only assume from their group picture that they will be dark and heavy, for they are yet to announce any releases.

zero mind infinity

Ah, DELUHI. Definitely one of the most popular visual kei bands from the 2000s, none can argue with that. As such, sadness levels were high when they announced their separation. Leda and Sujk would continue working together in Undivide and subsequently in Far East Dizain, but bassist Aggy and vocalist Juri were on the quieter side. This year, however, Aggy and Juri would reunite to form zero mind infinity, a band whose sound is very similar to that of DELUHI, something fans are sure to like. But that’s not to say the other members are nobodies. Members from Sel’m, 12012 and REIGN are among the ranks as well, making this the third super band to form this year. Just a few days ago the band released their first song, which you can listen to on Youtube.


The 3rd Birthday may not have been the most popular of bands, but vocalist L enchanted many with his deep, soothing voice. Many feared the worst when The 3rd Birthday was left with two members only, and eventually those fears came to be a reality. However, the two members would join forces again alongside their support members, one of them being from BLACK LINE, to form Balalaika. Their sound is dark and eerie, something fans of Mejibray or SCREW or BORN may like. Balalaika recently released their first single in November.



Lycaon surprised many when they announced to disband, but fortunately for their fans, all five members would reform under the name initial’L, making this one of the most surprising and welcomed new bands of the year. Their pop-metal sound is sure to attract a wide range of rock fans. The band seems to be diverging into unknown territory by making the theme song for a television drama, something almost unheard of in a visual kei band, who mostly stick to anime only.

Hopefully you decided to check out at least one new band from this list, and we’re even more hopeful that you became their fan. See, not everything is despair and hopelessness, some pretty amazing bands formed this year too!

We take this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays! May it be a day full of happiness and good events for all of you! Let’s hope for 2017 to be an excellent year both personally, and for jrock in general!

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