It has been revealed that a new band called ORCALADE has formed with a lineup consisting of vocalist Hiro previously in EAT YOU ALIVE, guitarist Nozomi who you may know from bands such as ClearVeil and Carat, guitarist Takaki of DEATHGAZE, drummer Yuize and support bassist HISAYOSHI, who were also members of ClearVeil.

It should be noted that Yuize was support drummer for ClearVeil and before that, was in ASS’n’ARRow with Takaki and Akinori of lynch. who looked a lot more colourful and brighter back then, believe it or not. Look at how times have changed!

The band are scheduled to release their first mini-album titled Espada on February 22 and will perform for their first performance at BLACK FISH EFFECT act.01 on January 15 where drummer NAOKI of DEATHGAZE will reveal his new band.

This also means that by early next year, each member of DEATHGAZE will have their own projects to concentrate on, with vocalist Ai continuing to pursue his solo career, drummer Naoki on the cusp of announcing his new band and bassist Kousuke continuing his activities as a member of Unveil Raze.


Vocalist HIRO


Guitarist Nozomi (希)


Guitarist Takaki (貴樹)


Drummer Yuizen (ゆいぜ)


Support bassist HISAYOSHI


  • Tracklist to be announced

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More info:
Official website
Twitter (HIRO)
Twitter (Nozomi) (希)
Twitter (Takaki) (貴樹)
Twitter (Yuizen) (ゆいぜ)

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