KEEL - Official Comment

Record label GAN-SHIN posted on Facebook along with a comment video from KEEL themselves that they would be bringing their live album Float of R’lyeh and their first single, Ugly duckling digitally to Europe on December 24.

The former is already out, however, they have been experiencing trouble with the latter so please wait until further information is disclosed. Check out the comment video below!

KEEL - Official Comment

Float of R’lyeh


  1. May Your Life Be Always Fulfilled with Love
  2. Intro
  3. Fanfale
  4. Water Lilies
  5. Hakka
  6. Kiss
  7. LEM
  8. Kajin
  9. Rapunzel
  10. Taiyou Yori Atsui Natsu
  11. Ella
  12. Parade
  13. Bring Me Reason
  14. Deep Sleep
  15. Cracker
  16. Needle
  17. Funiku to Kajitsu
  18. Kokuhaku
  19. Siren

Buy at iTunes, GooglePlay or Amazon

Ugly duckling


  1. SWANS
  2. Cracker
  3. LEM

Shopping options TBA

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Staff)
Twitter (Ryo)
Twitter (aie)
Twitter (shuU) (愁)
Twitter (Tomoi)

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