Great news reached us recently coming from THE GALLO announcing that a new full album will be released under the name LUCIFERO on November 9! It will be their first with new member Nov (ノヴ), previous guitarist of DADA, who will participate in the creation of this album.

Guitarist Nov (ノヴ) officially joined THE GALLO on August 25 after supporting the band since the departure of their former guitarist Hikaru in November, 2015.

Although it looks like a long wait for the new album, the band will celebrate ZEAL LINK TOUR NEXT at which they will exclusively release a single called LUCIFERO EP. If you happen to be in Japan, visit the following venues and purchase the new single:

09/10 (Saturday) Osaka Ruido
09/11 (Sunday) Nagoya ell Fits All
09/17 (Saturday) Hakata DRUM SON
09/19 (Mon), Okayama Image
09/24 (Saturday) Takadanobaba area

Purchase your tickets at e-plus.

And here is THE GALLO’s new line-up in their new outfits:

gallo lucifero jojo

Vocalist JOJO

gallo lucifero wajow

Guitarist WAJOW

gallo lucifero nov

Guitarist NOV

gallo lucifero andy

Bassist ANDY

gallo lucifero kaede

Drummer KAEDE


gallo lucifero cover

Regular edition 2778 – 3000 yen


  1. 12 songs to be announced.

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon


gallo lucifero ep cover

Regular edition 500 yen


  1. To be announced

Buy at Zeal Link TOUR NEXT

More info:
Official Website
Official Web-shop
Twitter (JOJO)
Twitter (WAJOW)
Twitter (Nov)
Twitter (ANDY)
Twitter (KAEDE)
Blog (JOJO)
Blog (WAJOW)
Blog (ANDY)
Blog (KAEDE)

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