REIGN uploaded a very short music clip of their upcoming single Kimi ni (君に), which came out on September 14.

Although the preview for the single is just thirty seconds long, we can tell that it will be a ballad this time. In the music clip we can see vocalist Ikuma gesturing with his hands while the words “Kimi ni aitai” (君に会いたい) or “I want to see you” in English appear next to him.

After the release of their first full album 666, REIGN has released very interesting material this year, starting with AKANE released last May. It seems they are not giving up and still being very creative despite loosing two members back in 2015.

The band’s ninth single is now available in two editions. Edition A will come with three new songs while edition B will contain a DVD with the full music video for the title track instead of a third track.

Take a look below at the band’s new look which was also unveiled recently:

reign kimi ni

REIGN’s new look!


Vocalist IKUMA (郁磨)


Guitarist TANO


Bassist Ryuzi (龍史)

Kimi ni (君に)


Edition A


  1. Kimi ni (君に)
  2. Suge Nametel Sole
  3. Kainushi no Inai Uso (飼い主の居ない嘘)

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Edition B


  1. Kimi ni (君に)
  2. Suge Nametel Sole


  1. Kimi ni (君に) music video and making of

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Ikuma)
Twitter (Tano)
Twitter (Ryuzi)

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